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Do you know if your deposits are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund? Here's how you can know and ensure that your deposits are covered in the event of unavailability of deposits from your bank

Find out the conditions that apply to your protection and how much of your deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Find out about the process of triggering the guarantee provided by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in case of unavailability of deposits by some member credit institution

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With 113 member institutions and more than €1,650m of financial resources, the Deposit Guarantee Fund is an important pillar of trust in the banking system


The Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantees the reimbursement of deposits in member credit institutions’ accounts when deposits become unavailable in one of those institutions. 

European Deposit Insurance Scheme

Em novembro de 2015, a Comissão Europeia apresentou uma proposta para a criação de um Sistema Europeu de Garantia de Depósitos (EDIS – do inglês European Deposit Insurance Scheme) que visa estabelecer uma garantia de depósitos mais forte e mais uniformizada na zona Euro.